Dozen Flours visual identity option 01

One of three initial concept pitches for a Seattle-based baking blog. I will be Dribbblin' up the other two over the course of this week.

Rather than going into excessive detail about my rationale and process here, I encourage you to take a bunch'a minutes, and read through my gargantuan Behance case study for this job.

Check the attachment to see my inspiration, sketches, and a few detailed shots of this very versatile concept's possible applications. I've depicted it here as a silk screen print on natural paper, and in the attachment as written in cake piping, as written in Sharpie/marker on Kraft paper, and as letterpressed on toothy cotton paper.

One final thing: I designed this as a full script with an accomanying secondary monogram. Both employ a hidden element. Do you see it?

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