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Personal Assistant App - More gestures

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Personal Assistant App - More gestures motion mobile app ios ux interaction animation ui

Hey guys,

Here is an other sneak peek of the Personal assistant app I worked on almost 3years ago now. As mentioned in my previous shot, the project stopped before we start working on the HiFi Design. So I decided to give it a go with an elegant, fresh and modern aesthetic.

For reference, it’s a personal assistant app relying on real assistants (humans in other words 👩‍💻👨‍💻) enhanced by some AI for simple request and requests classification. Like the first short I shared yesterday, the interactions and navigation mechanisms were defined back in the days. I feel they are still on point.

Swiping right reveals your in progress and completed requests. Tapping on one of the request expands it so you can see how your assistant has breakdown the request into manageable pieces. It also allows you to access relevant documents and information such as flying tickets, receipts and more.

Just like the first shot, I hope you’ll like it, find it inspiring. Feel free to Press L as always. 😻

More coming next week.

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