I bought a beautiful keyboard - HHKB recently. The position of this keyboard is different from common ones. Therefore, I create this wallpaper as a reference.

The Sketch file is in the Overwrite mode, feel free to change color or text which meets your own need.


最近買了一把美麗的鍵盤──HHKB,因為鍵位和一般鍵盤不太一樣,需要花時間適應,便利用 Sketch 畫了鍵位對照圖,設定成桌布,方便自己參考,也分享出來給大家。

檔案裡用了 Overwrite 功能,可以快速自訂鍵帽的顏色、鍵帽上的文字,以符合自己的需要。

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Posted on Sep 7, 2018

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