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Personal Assistant App - Gesture

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Personal Assistant App - Gesture fluid navigation gesture mobile ios app principle interaction animation ui

Hey guys,

2.8 years ago, when I first join Metalab, I worked with @Carl Spencer on a Personal Assistant app relying on real assistants enhanced by some AI. Unfortunately the project stopped before we got a chance to tackle the visual / HiFi design. Even though it was designed almost 3 years ago, I feel the interactions and overall paradigm we went with is more than ever on point. This is why I recently decided to get the project out of my archives and give a stab at the visuals. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t go further with the client and deliver this amazing product to the world.

The navigation is primarily based on gesture making the whole app feels fluid and natural (echoing some key principles pointed out in Apple 2018 WWDC conference).The interactions and the Information Architecture are the same as originally designed 2.8yrs ago. Pulling down reveal the thread of messages between the user and it’s assistant (revealing past conversations basically), swiping left let users access their requests which has been turned into « Projects » by their assistant. While swiping right takes them to their profile and preferences.

In order to share it with you guys, I worked on the UI and put together a few interactions designs (we had original interactions in wireframes and on iPhone 6). The UI is meant to be elegant, exclusive and slightly techy. I’ll share more interactions designs and UI next week.

I hope you’ll like it, find it inspiring and if that’s the case, feel free to Press L as always. 😻

Stay tuned for more.

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