After much deliberation I've finally jumped on the tablet bandwagon.

My biggest concern in making the jump to working purely digital was that my hand drawn aesthetic might suffer. Nothing bugs me more than a digital illustration that is half heartedly pretending to look as though it were drawn on paper. So I did a bit of an exercise to try and digitally mimic, as closely as possible, each of the six illustration styles I enjoy working with on paper. From sketch to completion, each of these were created digitally using brushes I modified from Kyle's Brushes, True Grit Texture Supply, and Retro Supply Co and I'm pretty happy with the results!

Nothing beats working on paper, imo, but when working with clients, this really speeds things up. Perhaps this can help persuade you if you're as skeptical as I was to make the switch. Although it seems like I'm the last one to the party by this point.

All six, shown side by side, attached.

You can pick up the stippling brush I used in this shot and several others over at Retro Supply Co.

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