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Book Resumes Mobile App Design

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Halo, Assalamualaikum Guys.
It is my first shot in Sept.

Long time no sees in Dribbble because I trying to make a tutorial video about Sketch 3 on youtube.

This design about book resume app. The story behind it is I love reading books. But, in the last a few months I don’t read again because my time is full of another priority.

Then there is it is the app that contains book resumes from Indonesian App called “Pimtar”. I know the man behind the app. “Mas Ardhi Ridwansyah”.

Furthermore, today I take it as a challenge to redesign the app. And then is the above the result.

Icon from Feather Icon

Please give me your feedback so I can improve my Visual Design skill.

Iosi Pratama.

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