Modernizing Nav Search on Google

"A new look for places across Google Maps

Navigational Search refers to a specific intent that lands you inside a place (restaurants, hotels, gas stations, national parks and so on). It was time for Google's iconic Place page to get with the times. We set out to define a short to long term vision - and worked through milestones quarter by quarter.

The crux of this effort stemmed from a company-wide effort to standardize and align design across products. It was a long term vision set out to evolve how Google looks and works across it's ecosystem. Various parts of Search and Maps needed to adhere and test alongside their specific use cases. Next to Search, Maps and Local was next on the list to re-think their look.

Yuge props to my amazing team, and this insanely collaborative and impactful effort!

Case study here:

Posted on Aug 31, 2018
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