Mathijs Lemmers

Matt Blades Logo

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While rebranding myself I was searching for a new logo that suited me and was visually attractive enough to go with me for a long time.

I made a whole bunch of iterations, even consulting the great @Paul von Excite when I was refining a logotype I made.
Eventually I got stuck, none of what I made, made me feel excited enough to continue tweaking it. Until I gave up.

A few weeks later I started over. With the advice of the equally great @Eddie Lobanovskiy I started sketching on a daily basis (something I will share on here later) and eventually ended up with this: a mark that totally fits me. I love minimalism. It's a simple shape, easy to remember an easy to reproduce.

I got so excited that I immediately implemented it on all my social media accounts and my website.

Feel free to let me know what you think and don't forget to give it a ❤️ if you like it!

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