iTunes Customization (Vaulted Apple Design)

As the lead designer for the iTunes Music Store, I was tasked with exploring ways to enhance the customization and personalization features. One approach I took was to focus on the thematic elements in music as a way to distinguish and differentiate the experience.

To begin, I conducted research to understand the types of music genres and themes that were most popular.

Based on this research, I identified several key themes that were prevalent across a range of music genres, including love, rebellion, nostalgia, and celebration. I then began to explore how these themes could be incorporated into the design of the iTunes Music Store.

One of the first ideas I had was to create a series of "vaulted" design elements that could be used to highlight specific themes within the store. For example, a love-themed vault could feature romantic artwork and curated playlists of love songs, while a rebellion-themed vault could feature more edgy and alternative music.

To bring these ideas to life, I worked closely with the development team to create custom design elements and features that could be used to highlight the different themes. This included creating custom graphics, iconography, and playlist recommendations that were tailored to each theme.

Throughout the design process, I also focused on ensuring that the customization and personalization features were intuitive and enjoyable to use. This included creating clear and concise labels and descriptions for each theme, as well as designing a simple and straightforward navigation structure that allowed people to easily find and explore the different themes.

In the end, the design for the iTunes music store customization helped to distinguish the iTunes music store from other music alternatives.

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