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A few people were asking about versions of my Adobe icons without text. Here's the icon file for a revamped version of the Photoshop icon.

To replace the icon file for an app:

1. Remove the current application icon from the dock., then open your applications folder and navigate to the application itself.

2. Right click on the application and select "Show Package Contents".

3. In Contents/Resources there are several ICNS files. Move the appropriate one to a safe place, and then rename the new and improved ICNS file to match it (you can tell which is the appropriate one because its icon will match the current application icon - unfortunately each one seems to follow a different naming convention in CS5).

4. Move the new, renamed ICNS file into the Resources folder.

Next time you open the application, it should use the new icon. To switch back, just move the old ICNS file back into the resources folder.

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