Nightlick fin


Night-Lick - This one may prove to be controversial to some He-Fans. Scott Neitlich, Brand Manager for Mattel, created a character for himself called the Mighty Spector -

Turns out a lot of fans weren’t happy with him. I don’t think the character is too bad, now I’ve had time to absorb him into my brain.

Now I wanted to do a 30th Anniversary Meejit for Scott, despite him already getting a character, because he’s done a hell of a lot for the brand, especially bringing it back when there could be no MOTU prescence at all. So instead of a hero, I created a villain alter ego for Scott, something I would find cool. Having a think, I changed Neitlich to Night-lick and that just spun some ideas in my head. Night-lick is the missing link between the Repton’s and Merman’s race, living in perpetual darkness in the caves beneath Eternia. Sunlight will burn him, and he is blind, but he has excellent hearing, poisonous skin and an extra long sticky tongue!!!

I doubt Mr Neitlich will get to see this (Making him a villain is not meant to offend him either), but I hope you guys like it.

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