Google Chat for Mac

Happy Easter guys, I'm assuming that you've consumed way too much chocolate and the thought of anything sweet or choclatey is just making you feel sick. Never fear, this is a good type of candy, one for the eyes. (Yes, eye candy). I had some spare downtime today and thought I'd knock something together.

It had been a while since I used Google Chat within Gmail or G+. I always thought it was a cool feature that was never really given a lot of attention. I was hoping to see a desktop version for Mac to appear at some point but I think this died out long ago. So I thought I'd mock up an example of what my vision of the Mac application would be like given the new direction Google products have taken.

Something that stuck in my mind when I was creating this was how much integration the Android (ICS) has when it comes to Google Plus, with that in mind to help improve Googles consistency and to keep things within the Google brand eco-system I thought it would be pretty smart to take advantage of the icons that they have used within their Android platform to help bring a little consistency to the overall product.

Large Preview


Posted on Apr 8, 2012

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