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Walking The Dog

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Walking The Dog girl blond walk puppy canine dog woman

The first design challenge was such a success I have created a new collaboration challenge. The rules for this one are more open.

1. Download the attached AI file.

2. Add anything you want, anywhere you want. You do not have to follow the same subject matter. Be creative. Do unexpected things. Have fun.

3. Keep the same line weight and line color.

4. If you want/need to edit previous work on the image, ask the original designer first. If they say "yes", go nuts.

5. Email the new AI file to scott(at)atomiclotus(dot)net.

6. Rebound this shot and copy/paste these instructions in the description.

@Sander de Wekker
@Dmitriy Mir
@Bizhan Khodabandeh
@Lisa Romano
@Austin Johnson
@Irine Gubanova a.k.a. bc999
@Scott Dunlap
@Scott Tusk

Thank you to the following for participating. Please check out their profile's and follow them.

@Cherry Ye

Have fun!

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