Paul Ooms

Mograph Melee 03

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My entry for Mograph Melee round 3: Rise of the Shapes! 40 minutes

Here's the brief:

Rise of the Shapes

This challenge centers around everyones favorite type of layer, shapes! The goal is to use shape layers to drive your animation. Make it heavily geometric, or minimalistic. It's up to you. Maybe go for a quick user interface animation? Who knows?

– Use at least three shape layer modifiers (trim paths, repeater, zig zag, etc.)
– No color, grayscale only (black, white, grays)
– 40 minutes to animate
– Optional 30 minutes to design outside of AE
– No circle effect
– Post your piece in this channel when finished
– 1920x1080

Thank you @Steven Schweickert for putting these together!

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