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That’s a lot of pixels

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Yesterday, we launched a big update to how you share work on Dribbble. Gone are the days of limiting you to 400x300 pixels (or even 800x600 at 2x). Now you can upload as many pixels as you want (within the file size limit, of course). We'll display it at 800x600 by default (1600x1200 at 2x resolution for the retina kids). If there are more pixels to show, you can zoom in with an overlay.

I'm already in awe of the high resolution shots coming in. The recent work by @DKNG made my jaw drop in particular. 😍

In the last 24 hours, we've already iterated quite a bit based on your feedback. We're far from done and we're always listening. We're forever grateful for the passionate community that helps guide the way.

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