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We’re all striving for balance in our life. One of the important components, whatever one may say, is to keep eye on expenses and income. When we use the apps, that represent this field, quite often we may face the problem of complex and overloaded interfaces. There is too much data and it’s not divided into categories. That’s why I decided to brainstorm this topic.

First, in the represented solution you get the structured data about your expenses with the emphasis on today’s indexes. In order to keep the balance, you can set the preferred limit both for the overall day expense and the certain category.

Then, you can always see what are your highest expenses – whether they are the basic categories or the leisure segment? To keep the user’s motivation to be wise about the expenses, there is also another functionality – the goal. You set it, as well as the time frame, and you can see the progress. Last but not least, the list of the latest income.

What do you think about this solution?

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