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Our Wedding Invitation | Imajineko designer wedding illustration kitty imagination cats crazy eight wedding invitation invitation wedding

This was one of my favorite project with my partner. Sho excited to share it here!

Me and @Dany Rizky collaborated to design our own wedding invitation. OH did I mention that we both are happen to be designer? So yes, we wanted our wedding invitation to spark some designer spice 🌶.

We took a Crazy Eight concept as our wedding invitation.

For those who don’t know, Crazy Eight is a technique to generate ideas by dividing a paper into 8 parts, then we sketch our ideas on each of those 8 parts, before finally we pick one that we think is the best idea.

So in our case, all those 8 sketches are things that we like in common and would like to do it together, and the best one that we pick is marriage… 😛🙈😜


P.S. You can find kitty on each of the illustration above. Because kitty is love, kitty is life. We love cats as much as we love each other. HAHA #fightme

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