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Horus Aha character design logo

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Horus Aha character design logo challenge character design ancient logo eye of horus god diety egypt horus

A couple of months ago I took part in a team challenge for designing a cool action toy character/creature. Even though my role in our team of two was mainly character design, I invested some time to think of a logo for the overall project, which would make the presentation even more polished.

So here is the logo itsself - a play on two concepts — the name of the team — "Double trouble", but also a reference to the head of the Egypt-inspired falcon character we created.

You can see some of the works of my teammate Stefan Stoev, who did a tremendous job of 3d modelling and sculpting in his Artstation portfolio.

You can also see how the full character design project turned out in my Tumblr sketchbook

Find out more about my design work here:

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