Writing Ideas

Writing ideas

Inspired by Svbtle, I started trying to figure out how to overlay similar features (and concepts like the writing process and tossing around ideas) over any blogging system. I think the idea of quickly getting into an idea is important. Right now I'm hacking together a Wordpress plugin for my site.

Currently I've got it setup to slide over and position:fixed itself at the bottom of your page. I can write immediately by pulling it up with a shortcut key or a fixed little button on the side (all inserted via plugin code) You can write a title or just get right into it, the textarea expands to your writing but doesn't pressure you to fill it.

I'm still considering the text on the button, I want it to be finely balanced so it doesn't force ideas to be finished and published. By default it will just save as a draft, mainly because I get a lot of really strange ideas I want to keep track of.

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