Reuters News Night Mode

Ueno has worked with Reuters since 2014, when we helped design and develop Reuters TV. An award winning video news service specially designed for mobile and OTT. RTV was also Reuters’ first real foray into the consumer space.

A logical continuation of our work on RTV, Ueno and Reuters started to work on the redesign of the Reuters News app began in early 2018. We wanted to create an experience that feels personal as well as allows users to focus on the news and what matters to them the most.

Out in the App Store right now (Android coming soon)

A special shout-out to @David Navarro, Liz Donovan, @Carolyn Zhang, @Steph Jeong, @Marco Coppeto, @Steffen Christiansen, and all the amazing people at Reuters during this great collaboration.


Yo btw I personally highly recommend follow our Instagram for behind the scene on what we are working on AND get a glimpse of the silly things we do everyday at work:

Posted on Aug 21, 2018
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