Adam Pyburn

Ninth Street Bakery - Wheat in Wind [Loop]

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Fun project for the good people of Ninth Street Bakery ( Shout out to Ari for always playing the smooth jams and hosting so many awesome events for the community.
A little BTS on the process : Each section of wheat top has its own pre-comp who’s rotation references (aka - is pick-whipped to) the rotation of the section beneath it, and each subsequent section contains the above sections’ pre-comps - like a Russian doll. This makes the wheat top curve exponentially(ish) as each rotation sets off the one above it. The lowest section’s rotation is then pick-whipped to a rotation controller (null) in the main comp, that is running a wiggle expression - this gives the ‘wind’ randomness. That wiggle’s amount variable is then generated by a slider in another controller (null) which is key framed to grow from 0 to 20 then from 20 back to 0, which allows the animation to loop. Pretty straight forward stuff, really.
Let me know if you got Qs.
Concept and motion design : Adam Pyburn
Text/logo design : Gabe Eng-Goetz (

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