Idiot Tip #3

Tip  2

Let me just make one thing clear: this is a Photoshop class. I don't care what your desk or your demeanour is like. I'm writing this to you lying upside-down on my bed (and I've got to admit, I don't know why. iMacs are really heavy). No, sirree, this is about Photoshop Workspaces, and how hard using a default one sucks (short answer: it sucks hard).

First things first, you need to be prepared. It's dangerous to go alone; take this! This'll let you import/export workspaces. Nifty tool.

Now, I'll show you my workspace of preference. It's best suited for a 21" iMac with a little Pacman ghost on top, but it'll also work pretty good on a range of monitors: If you just import the VI workspace, you'll see my workspace and oh my God talking about workspaces is boring.

Change of plan
You know what's fun? Photoshopping animal heads. Here's a step-by-step guide.

1. Get a photo of a person (Mr. J Person will do), and a picture of an animal (Animal will do). Of course, you can use whatever image you want.
2. Put both of the images in the same document, different layers. If you merged them, you're an idiot. Undo that.
3. Slowly, carefully, with the Polygonal Lasso tool (L, whatever that means), start cutting Animal's face off. Remember, you've got to BE VERY CAREFUL.
4. With the same tool, and with the same level of carefulness (not enough, damn it), cut Mr. Person's face off.
5. Place Animal's face where Mr. Person's used to be. Easy.

Congratulations, you're now either a gangster or humanimal!

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