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'Sup guys

After years of countless redesigns, quiting half way in a website build, crying myself to sleep, i finally did it, after 5 years i created a new personal website lol.

It's only 2 pages but i'm fairly happy with it haha.

It's all build by myself in @Webflow . It's great to not rely on somebody else when you want to change something about your personal website. Hopefully this one lasts 10 years haha.

It's far from finished and far from perfect, but better to have something online right? 🤔

With this website i'm also going to try and build an email list, how would you guys feel about me starting a newsletter every other week with some tips, design thoughts, etc.. It's an idea i'm playing with, would love to hear you guys' thoughts!

You can subscribe here (and get a free lesson for free🙌)

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