To Build an Ampersand: Baskerville Edition

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Had a request for Baskerville ampersand, so am giving my "To Build" series another go. Before anyone asks, yes—the guides are legitimate, not "fake". This was entirely freehand, no tracing. There's some process shots at the above link (you can click them all to view large versions).

It's all about relational calculations and relative spacing. I make the guidelines in the building process to determine what elements should line up, as well as to decide on proportions. For example, in some cases I use the guides as a visual reference to see where a curve should extend to or at what point it should end. This is always relative to some other point or guide. This is how I'm able to recreate something from a reference with relative accuracy without tracing.

While some of the guides may seem superfluous, they're actually quite helpful as a reference and might let's me see, for instance, that "Point A extends to Point B, which is approximately 1/3 of the whole width across this bowl", etc.

I know this is a longwinded description, but I've seen guides get a lot of flack and wanted to show that they are not always BS. The ones shown here are completely functional and serve a purpose. Typically I remove guides in my final versions, however I find that many people like seeing the process.

Hope you enjoy!

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