Epic Illustration


7 Responses

  1. Ethan Marcotte Ethan Marcotte

    Just lovely.

    over 4 years ago

  2. Veerle Pieters Veerle Pieters

    Beautiful work :) Such nice typography.

    over 4 years ago

  3. Luke Dorny Luke Dorny


    over 4 years ago

  4. D. Keith Robinson D. Keith Robinson

    Oh... two of my favorite typefaces. Very nice!

    over 4 years ago

  5. Meagan Fisher Meagan Fisher

    Wow guys, thanks for all the positive feedback!

    over 4 years ago

  6. Dan Rubin Dan Rubin

    Can't... stop... staring...

    over 4 years ago

  7. Scott McCracken Scott McCracken

    i love everything about this - great depth, great typography, great work!

    over 4 years ago

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