William Shakespeare: Othello Book Cover Design


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  1. Angel Ceballos Angel Ceballos

    I'm a fan of William Shakespeare plays, and read them about a million times, which I can just read over-and-over again!

    I wanted to create a elegant book cover for the William Shakespeare play Othello as if it were this piece of precious and elegant work. I started with the Othello book cover design, which you can find the whole book cover design by clicking on this link below:

    Link: http://cloud.angelceballos.com/2P3w3I411K0V3D46082a

    I've also did book cover design concepts for Hamlet, and the most famous of them all, Romeo & Juliet, which you can find on my portfolio on this link.

    I hope you guys enjoy this, and share your thoughts on this book cover I've designed. Thanks in advance :-)

    about 2 years ago

  2. I thought it be nice to show the Hamlet version of this book cover design series for the plays written by William Shakespeare (huge fan, btw, haha)

    You can also view the larger version to view entire Hamlet book cover, and/or can also view the entire series on my portfolio by clicking here.

    over 1 year ago

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