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Creating the "Checklist for Creating Aqua Applications" offered a clear framework for making Mac Native applications Aqua-compliant, benefiting third-party vendors like Virex. As the internal authority on Aqua compliance, my checklist served as a go-to resource for aligning design across Apple's ecosystem.

As the first designer on the Applications design team, working under Robert Kondrk, I had the unique but challenging role of ensuring that all applications were both internet and Aqua compliant. This task was far from a simple checkbox; it involved navigating both the technical and aesthetic complexities of aligning different apps with evolving design standards. While this role made me an invaluable asset to the organization, it also led to friction with other team members, notably Glenn Reid. Glenn had reservations about his iPicture software being folded into the iLife suite as iPhoto, fearing the dilution of his original vision in order to meet broader compliance standards. Despite these tensions, my role was crucial in establishing a coherent design philosophy that took both internet capabilities and Aqua compliance into account, ensuring a unified and familiar experience across Apple's application suite.

Checklist for Creating Aqua Applications starts on page 263: https://.fm/f/j7SprW

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