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Recently I was "dissecting" those parts of Prometheus interface which can be seen now in trailers/teasers. I was trying to recreate some of the elements and was lacking the font they are using.
After short "investigation" I discovered that font consists of quite simple glyphs. And so "I accepted the challenge"! :)
Here's what I currently have. Upper case letters, numbers and some punctuation symbols - .,::[]()
It's my very first font I even created and I quite happy with result so far.
Though setting up kerning and spacing kills me ^__^

Comparing words typed with fresh backed font with screegrabs I found that some of the letters are using wrong radius on edges and maybe they should be a bit wider. Also font doesn't work properly at most of the small font sizes. Though looks good at 10px and 13px size.
Definetly need to work more on this one :)

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