Crowdrise by GoFundMe Home Page

The new homepage design for Crowdrise by GoFundMe ( A really fun overhaul from the previous website design, bringing life and character to what we do.

One of the big challenges we faced was users thinking that Crowdrise was mainly for Event/Marathon fundraising, so we worked on a lot of illustrations throughout the site to convey more ways in which the product can be used. For example here on the homepage we have a pet adoption event in the park. The goal here is to follow up with more scenes throughout the site and cache load them so the users experience something different as they browse, showcasing a wider variety of possibilities for their next fundraising experience.

My favorite thing about all these illos is how without the use of much photography on the site, they create a very personal and human connection while browsing.

Lots of fun working on the illustrations, colors, and styles with @Eddie Lobanovskiy , @Ted Kulakevich @, @Stian Sandsgaard @David Kovalev @Evan Place @Lana Marandina

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