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Hello Dribbble,

sharing another shot of the upcoming Days app. Again this time I'm using a screen recording from the latest build.

Let me quickly walk you through what we did:
- When user opens the settings menu, they see a banner at the bottom that says Upgrade to Days Pro
- Pressing the button swipes up the entire settings menu and user lands inside this dark UI. We are using event photos for the transition but at the same time they represent the unlimited events and possibilities you gain if upgrading to Pro
- The dark upgrade screen provides a quick info about all the Pro features
- The most important part for us was to show the appreciation and thank the user for their purchase and support. We did this with a simple animation that is displayed after the purchase. It's separated into two parts, first being a simple thank you note and second a message that they are a Pro now
- But we didn't stop here. When user goes back to the app, we keep a small Pro badge at the bottom. Every time user will press on that bade it will repeat the purchase animation

I was responsible for the design and also the development of the animation in Xcode.

Have a great day!

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