Finally launched my knowledge based, called Versa.

I learn a lot of things because I run a business and also because I love learning. For example, I started my in-office design career at a marketing agency. You'll think I'll know a thing or two about marketing. Nope. I'm still trash at marketing. I spent 10 years growing a thousand followers on Twitter. So I have to go back to the basics.

Learning marketing would include breaking down marketing into its particles. What is marketing? The history of marketing. All the different types of marketing. The psychology of marketing. So with all this learning, why not document it?

Well for one, I'm not the best in telling stories in an emotion way. I can, but right now, I have to work with what I got. I'm great at extraverted thinking. Thats explaining my thoughts using science, data, math, or other logical method. I mean using Extraverted Feeling sometimes works but I take a lot of "L's" in that department. Meanwhile, when I explain stuff with logic, somehow, I get a lot more "Ws". So why not document all this learning via a website using some type of system?

The site's architecture is all based on connections between different branches of disciplines. An example, you need to know about typography in like 20 different design disciplines. So you'll see those connections.

Later on, I'll create whats called "Tracks" so you can figure out what to learn first, then second, and so on. You can learn in whatever order you want, but for the people that don't feel like thinking, there you go.

So for the differentiator. Well I've always been a fan of free learning. Not a government giving me free schooling or something. More of finding dope guides that are free. I mean, I learned most of my web and graphic design from Smashing Magazine. I even read Smashing Magazine tutorials in college for Web Design. The stuff we were learning in class was old. So yes, I'll only post free, deep and detailed pages. I'll also post tools to use, but those are usually paid tools. I'll figure out a way to organize all that once the problem arises.

So that's all for now. Let me know what you think and what not. If you have any requests for stuff to post, let me know. I love learning new things and I'll spend hours learning something new. Might as well put it to good use!

Posted on Aug 6, 2018
Chris Porter
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