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** UPDATE - Apple's iPhone App of the Week - thanks for the support guys! ** Download it Here

Some Filters.....

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Had to blur some stuff out to keep the secret. We're all about the partial modal with this thing. Not saying it hasn't been done before (although I've haven't seen it other than iOS's default modal button menu), but it happens a lot in this project. We think it provides better context than the traditional contextual back button in certain cases.... (being able to see the screen's title bar behind it)

***** Edit ***** We wrote a simple custom Tweener in Obj-C so that the push back animation will have just a subtle touch of 3-D flare when animating. We also wrote the Tweener so we're not limited to the default Obj-C easing equations throughout. We did this so we would have access to the classic Robert Penner easing equations within this app.

The switch will eventually say the traditional "On / Off"

Launching soon.... :)


The usual self-promotion:

Follow along 'till this beast launches :)

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