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Hi, thanks for coming to Idiot Tips 101. Just going to do a quick register before I start. Phil? Jake? Samantha? Stuart? sexygurl75? Good, you're all here. Right, let's get to it.

This one's a weird one. If you've left it on Photoshop's default settings, it's at a crazy angle, and although it's got a cool future-y vibe, it's going to make you look like a Comic Sans enthusiast.

So, you're thinking, what's a good default, then? And what the hell do I use it for? Personally, I use it to give a nice shadow to buttons, like so:

To achieve this, all you've got to do is:

1. Change the angle to 0°.
2. Set the distance to 2px and size to 10px (although I'd adjust to preference).
3. Bam! Subtle shadowing effects.

Here's the layer style window I use:

Bevel and Emboss
So the button we just made looks pretty good, but it could "pop" a bit more. BZZZT! Wrong answer. Ain't no such thing as pop, just more details. But the bevel tool, when used subtly, adds a whole new layer of detail.

You know what? This one's a bit more practical, and definitely needs you to fine-tune it yourself. My only tip here is to never let the opacity on the style itself go over 25%. If you do, I'll hunt you down and krill you (that's right, I'll slap you in the face with a fish). Here's the layer style window:

That's al— oh, you want the .gif again? Sigh. Here you go:

Right, I'm going to go do whatever it is a panda teacher does when he's done with the day. Probably play some Xbox or eat bamboo. Best of luck in your layer style endeavours!

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