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Hey dribbblers! 👋

We love dribbble but we've found a lot of the insight behind design decisions gets a bit lost. We thought it'd be helpful to show our process and insights gained in a 3 set series.

FPVUK 1/3 - the results
We updated a clients website last year which resulted in a 30% increase in sales. A massive 1900% ROI for the client!

It's great to see results like these but it's just the start — continual testing and improvement keeps up the growth momentum. That's why a year later we're looking to make further changes.

After testing the new design we found some great insights. Design quality paired with social proof (in the form of user reviews) builds trust and we found 88% of users within the target demographic found the new direction more trustworthy.

We also tested three different CTA's and found a large majority preferred one over the other two. When we asked why many said that it told them all the information they needed to know before proceeding.

Often as designers we make massive assumptions, this kind of testing can help reduce expensive mistakes! 🚀


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