These are a series of illustrations I did based on my travels through Spain. I've created three illustrations per city visited.

City 4: Oviedo

This city was particularly meaningful to me because it's the city where my great-grandmother grew up before moving to Argentina with her family. She apparently never shared many stories about her childhood, but always spoke fondly of the city whenever she did bring it up. I had no idea what to expect when we arrived in the train station, but walking out I was greeted with a bustling city tucked away in the valley of a beautiful mountain range. In the middle of the main square you find this stunning cathedral, built between 14th and 16th century, and right next door you can enter a 3-block art museum with works from important Asturian and Spanish artists of the 14th to the 21st Century. In short: this is a city dripping with history and culture,and I instantly fell in love.

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