Destination Known

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Destination Known destination web form booking ocean header travel tropical

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This PSD I called "just-for-fun". I am on a summer break from projects and I am ought to have fun! 🏖

Travel much?
Here I am, one sunny day, baby sleeping 👶 💤 when I get the idea to my head: let's head to Unsplash and get inspired!

The first page, this photo splashes on me out of nowhere: 💦

And I'm like... YAAAAS! Let's design around it!

Also, copied some goodness from @Divan Raj, thank you very much, love to steal from you! 💕 (Disclaimer: I just got inspired)

So here we are, on a summer day ☀️👋, lurking on Dribbble again.

Have a great day, friends!

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