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Panorama Challenge

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Panorama Challenge scenic city buildings paris france eiffel tower dog people panorama design challenge

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Thanks to the following for participating and contributing to this experiment:

@Sander de Wekker
@Dmitriy Mir
@Bizhan Khodabandeh
@Lisa Romano
@Austin Johnson
@Irine Gubanova a.k.a. bc999
@Tanya Kremnova
@Anatoly Khalizev
@Aftab Khalid

Please check out their profiles and give them a follow.


You are invited to participate in this interactive design challenge. Anyone can participate but please follow the rules below.


Download the attached AI file and add to the left or right of the panorama to extend the scene as long as you:

1. Do not change any part of the image added by another designer except for very minor alterations to make your addition look seamless.

2. Do not make the illustration taller. Keep it panoramic.

3. Only add up to 800 pixels of width.

4. You may add colors as you see fit, even to previous work as long as you don't change the lines or change existing color fills or outline colors.

5. Use 3-pixel line weight

6. There are no limits on the subject matter and no requirement that your work follows the same theme as what has been done before. The weirder (more creative) the better.

After you add your own illustration, upload to Dribbble as a rebound of this image. For your Dribbble shot, use only YOUR addition or part thereof.

Rename the AI file.

The AI file is named using the date, in reverse:

So change the file name keeping the "panorama-" then add the year (2018) - month number - day number - version number. So if the version you download has "v3" then you would increase that to "v4" and so on.

Send the AI file to scott(at)atomiclotus(dot)net so I can add it to this post for future participants.


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