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KEXP: Website Redesign Concept

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Kexp is my favourite radio station and a platform for musicians. Having ran into old version of their website, I imagined how would I make it look worthy and be more comfortable and friendly.

However, KEXP have already had their website updated before I finished this one. The idea was to give them this design as a present, but I was a little too late:)

As a task, I’ve turned into a modern, dreamy-looking, vibrant interface with thought-out user experience without ditching an existing functional. I’ve developed a user-friendly, intuitive navigation to make surfing through the website as comfortable as possible, and made the website responsive for perfect performance on any display type.

Being inspired by the music, a dreamy color scheme was used to achieve an atmospheric, trippy experience, at the time being moderate and discreet.

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💚That sweet gradient by @Adelina Lokoyda
Blog Page layout reference: Muzli browser extension ;-)

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