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The current version of my portfolio was made quickly in order to try Kirby (text file based portfolio, no database). I don't like it very much because I haven't put enough thoughts on the design. Fortunately, there's not so much to change in the code, it's only a "realignment" that I need to do.

What I like in this design: the white space ! I kept it simple, spaced, the colors green/black/white do well together.

Hopefully, I will make the changes soon.
I'm also considering a way to make my blog posts available in French but also in English.

On another note: you can read on this shot "Retired (web) design". It's not entirely true. It means that I still have an interest in design as a hobby and a part-time job, but I'm not taking anymore freelance work, I won't be as active as before. I'm transitioning from design to my future job. But I'm still going to write about it (on the blog).

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