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Autonomous Bus Interior - Seating (Leaning)

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Autonomous Bus Interior - Seating (Leaning) self-driving autonomous shuttle stand leaning bus seating av av bus

In the small little AV shuttles hitting the roads now there is very limited space once all the seats are added, most can only fit around 11 people at a time.

One solution to this issue is to rethink capacity inside the shuttles and take into account alternative seating layouts.

As these small shuttles are not meant to ferry passengers far and would mainly augment existing public transportation infrastructure, a leaning / standing layout wouldn't be too strenuous for passengers.

A layout such as this allows for the interior allow for enough room to fit passengers around the perimeter and allows for standing in the middle of the vehicle where the hand ropes would be positioned on a pole across the vehicle's top.

Any dribblers have any other ideas?

I would love to hear what you guys might come up with.

Connor Esterwood

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