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Business Card (Part 2)

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Business Card (Part 2) business card collateral letterpress ornament engraving filigree border scrollwork 2d

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Been working on this project here in there with little bits of spare time I have and it's coming along well.

Based on the rough starter sketch I showed last time around, I went into Illustrator and made a vector layout to serve as a visual guide while I work in Procreate to render the design by hand. The hope is that actually drawing the details will help sell that engraved look I'm going for.

I'm a little concerned about whether a printer will be able to nail this level of fine detail, but I'm gonna proceed for now and hope it works out. Worst case scenario is that I'll have to redo the art, but will have gotten some great practice along the way, so I'm cool with it.

Attached are some higher res versions in landscape and portrait, since the art is meant to be viewed both ways. I also included that vector line layout I previously mentioned.

More progress to come hopefully soon! Thanks for looking! ❤️ 🤘 😘


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