Pedro Marroquin

Re:Design Spotify My Profile

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Been working on some ideas that I think could help enrich the spotify app experience. Started with the profile, I think it should be visible in Home and My Library for rapid access to profile information, which covers personal info like followers, people you´re following, playlists, settings, recent played artists and public playlists you have.

I think the Recent Played Artists is a nice section but don´t like the fact that I can´t erase them in case I have some guilty pleasure going on there, so added that small feature.

Then Public Playlist, which title seems a little bit odd, I personally didn´t knew where to turn public or private a playlist, finally discovered that´s much easier in the desktop app, but I think it would be nice to have control of this on the mobile experience, so I added private/public controls that would help solve this.

What do you think? I also give you a quick preview of the Home screen I´m currently working on.

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