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I've been working on this Android app for a while. It's now live in the Play Store. Marni Music is the hottest Music and video app to hit the Android Market!

Marni Music rewards you simply for listening to music, watching videos and sharing with your friends! Listening to music has never been more rewarding!

Why should you use Marni Music?

Earn as you listen
Marni Music wants you to get even more from your music experience. The more you visit the Marni Music app, the more points you’ll earn, simply by interacting with the app and listening to your favorite tunes!

Share the fun
Marni Music is even better when shared with friends! Share what you’re listening to, your points and the Marni Music download link to your friends and you’ll earn even more!

Unlock more ways to earn
Our engineers have hidden other ways to earn coins in the Marni Music app! The more you explore Marni Music, the more you’ll discover limitless ways to build your coins and win big!

Climb up the leaderboard
Compare your points with your friends and others around the world to compete for the number one spot! Who will earn the most?

Get Gift cards and More
But Marni coins aren’t the only thing you stand to earn when using Marni Music. Keep earning coins and they can be transferred into Amazon Gift Cards and more!

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