Tentacle Test DUIK BASSEL (16)

Have a lot of fun playing with the New DUIK BASSEL's features !

In this one, I just created a few puppet pins on top of my own tentacle design, turned them into "Bones" thanks to DUIK, then parented them one by one as a joints chain with a last controler (shown in yellow) that I simply animated in rotation, and just rigged the whole thing with the new DUIK's awesome "FK Overlap" feature !

Here is a simplified version of the native .aep file (AE CC2018+) if you are interested in digging it more : http://www.fremox.com/data/Fremox_tentacle_test_DUIK_Bassel.zip

Give it a try if you didn't try it yet, works great for any kind of tail and rope animation as well :)

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