Joey Judkins

Simple Face Rig - DUIK 16 "Bassel"

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Simple Face Rig - DUIK 16 "Bassel" simple gif animation sliders joysticks duik face rig after effects 2d

I finally got to mess around with the newest version of DUIK - "Bassel", and it is amazing. I love all the rigging tools, of course - especially the "Connector," which is basically a free version of another one of my favorite plugins, Joysticks 'n' Sliders.

I'll be making a short tutorial on how to set this up, so stay tuned!

There's a whole bunch of other tools built in to DUIK, so please do go and download it, and while you're at it, support Rainbox Productions by donating to them via paypal or on Patreon. I's a supporter, because I couldn't do what I do without them!

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