Xbox controller

Xbox dribbble preview

Recently I was inspired with this work done by "1910":

So I decided to create something similar with a bit of my own style.

Just as always, the most complex part is to translate properly 3D shapes with all those shadows and highlights into nice looking shapes. It was even harder since I wanted to make it scalable, so lines on that one should be really smooth. I still know some flaws here and there and will make sure I fix them next time. But for now I'm quite happy with result.

Shapes, lines and strokes were created with Illustrator and then exported to Photoshop for more control over colours and styles. Final view of base image and button states were created in Photoshop.

I'm gonna release this one on Graphic River when I will have more time to properly prepare PSD and AI files.

Full view + highlighted states for buttons can be viewed here:

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