Butik — An unique store for all chatbots

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Butik — An unique store for all chatbots behance case study messaging ai store bots bot chatbots chatbot ios ui ux

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Hello Dribbble!
This is my debut shot, thanks @Asylab for the invite.


Due to progress in the artifical intelligence field, chatbots have become more popular with a community of makers that expands everyday. Popular platforms like Messenger find new ways to let users discover new chatbots (Messenger recently add a « discover » tab in their application to serve this purpose). The major downside is the fragmentation that goes with it, each platform offers a different way to find chatbots available on their platform which is not ideal for users. Most of them, if not all, use various instant messaging applications in their everyday life so the process of finding chatbots may be painful and time consuming. That is the problem Butik tries to solve: simplify the way users search for chatbots by providing a unique store for all of them.

You can check the full case study here:

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