Instagram Loader Concept - InVision Studio

Hello all,

This short animation focuses on the loading animation and I've used Instagram as the base as I'm coming out with a couple of shots based on my interactions with Instagram, keep watching this space 😉

Now, during the second half of the animation as "the mask unveils the loader" there's a delay of 650ms from nothingness to unveiling.

While going live (if), I'd play around that delay based on the addition (if any) of new elements like a percentage or numbers, if not, I'd keep it at 650 ms. Again I'd probably test that out because increasing by 150 ms gives anxiety (at least to me, so far) and if it's not paired with any other element.

How's the Gradient? Pretty cool, eh? 😎

Haha guys, if you've noticed something is quite off (if not, you're being kind) I've included the InVision Studio file, go download and play with it to your heart's content 😁

Also, check out the attachment for HQ playback.

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