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Cross-Country Crosshatchers for Illustrator and Procreate

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Cross-Country Crosshatchers for Illustrator and Procreate procreate illustrator crosshatching

[NEW] Cross-Country Crosshatchers for Illustrator and Procreate

We just released our new pack of 250+ crosshatching brushes and swatches for Adobe Illustrator (got a Procreate pack available too––but with less brushes because they don't all port well).

The pack was made over the course of two months. First, we made an absolutely huge amount of diverse brushes including rough and gritty and clean hatchers, precise edge brushes, fillers, and tons of swatches for covering large areas fast.

Then we had @Alana Louise create artwork with the brushes. We let her choose the theme and she went for an Arizona road trip vibe.

What I really love about her work is this was her first time using these kinds of brushes and swatches. As you can see from the artwork, she picked it up fast and got some incredible results––the brushes truly are quick and easy to start using. Even if you've never used brushes or swatches in your work before.

We also asked Alana really nicely if she would share her process with us. She recorded a tutorial as well as some time lapses so you can see exactly how she used the brushes in her work.

Thanks to everyone involved in the pack.

If this pack sounds cool to you it would make my day if you would buy it (as a business, we're trying to make money, haha). If you don't love the brushes just email us and we'll refund you!

Buy it at RetroSupply here:

Buy it on @Creative Market here:

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Buy the Procreate version on @Creative Market:

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