The Abstract Tarot: The Fool

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The Abstract Tarot: The Fool designer design mixed media collage typography illustration tarot deck tarot design tarot

I'm embarking on a 22-week journey to complete the 22 Major Arcana cards of my deck which is as of right now entitled "The Abstract Tarot."

The intention of my deck is to interpret each of the cards visually through my abstract and geometric illustration style and emphasize the essence and core symbolism and emotion behind each card. The idea is that without the highly detailed and figurative images to lean on, you can create interpretations of each of the archetypes and messages of the tarot in a brand new way. I am leaning heavily on the symbolism as it relates to the kabbala because it is more closely tied to my ancestry (being an American Jew.)

This is my interpretation of the Fool. What do you think?

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